How to Look Cute *and* Comfy at the Beach

I’m literally trying to stay cozy everywhere I go, the beach included. Do you ever feel like your bathing suit is showing a little too much, or it’s just so blah? If so, keep reading to find out how you can upgrade up your look, while still looking cute and comfy at the beach.

Long Cardigan Over a One-Piece

Nothing says, “I’ve got my sh*t together” more than this totally adorable, comfy sweater that was practically made for the beach. For a simple and classy look, I paired it with a white one-piece swimsuit. Typically, I’m not the biggest fan of one-pieces, but I really like it with this long cardigan. It’s the perfect coverage for when you want to go walking along the boardwalk after catching some rays.

Cute travel and leisure beach look

Throw on a cute hat for the ultimate ‘travel and leisure’ beach look. I love this cardigan because it’s classy, yet casual and light-weight enough for the beach.

Cute, Casual and Comfy at the Beach

Here’s another option to upgrade your typical bikini look. If you’re more into two-piece bikinis, this is a look that I’m living for right now. The sweater looks perfect with a bikini top and these ’80s inspired denim shorts. Shop an affordable, similar pair here. 

Find Out How to Collab with Brands

The perfect beach cardigan

It’s time to say goodbye to your old cover-up from high school and invest in one that is versatile for all your different beach looks this summer. No matter what you’re wearing under this casual-chic cardigan, you’ll be ready for anything you plan to do at or after the beach.

Wooden Ships is a brand that’s all about no-waste and custom made-to-order pieces. I’m totally obsessed with timeless pieces, especially if they’re doing good for the environment and not harming it.

Check out the full story behind this boho, chic, and eco-friendly sweater here!

And shop the Wooden Ships sweater here: Krista Beach Cardigan

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