Four Must-Have Festival Trends and Look-book 2019

I’m seriously LOVING all of the neon, crochet, vintage, and boho vibes that are in style right now AND these trends are hot right in time for festival season. I just got back from Coachella and just had to share what I loved about the fashion at my first ever music festival. I hope you enjoy this post covering this year’s festival trends!

All the Crochet + Knit Vibes

As summer starts rolling around the corner, you need to grab as much crochet as possible. It was literally everywhere at Coachella this year, but the fun thing about this trend is that there’s so many different crochet looks that you can pull off.

festival trends crochet dress
This crochet dress with strings is perfect with a bandeau and high waisted bathing suit bottoms for the ultimate festival look! It’s from the Shop on Melrose

Out of all festival trends, this one was everywhere. It’s even in the back of my photo as mine was being taken LOL. For this outfit, I mixed the neon trend with the crochet skirt, but I’m also loving the rainbow crochet skirts right now too!

Co-ord Reflective Sets

festival trends neon two-piece sets co-ord sets
Two-piece set from Fox That Boutique on Melrose Ave.
Chain is from The Shop on Melrose Ave.

You can find something similar to this at Boohoo for only $40!

festival trends like two pieces
This is what it looks like in daylight!

Neon, Neon, oh. And More Neon.

This top is from Nasty Gal, and I’m seriously loving the bell sleeves and details. I love how she paired it with these fun, boxing shorts for the ultimate festival vibe!

festival trends, including neon bodysuits and crochet skirts
All of this fun festival jewelry + knit skirt is from Forever 21

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Shoe Festival Trends: White Boots + Chunky Sneaks

First of all, I’m loving white shoes right now (and all the time) especially these raised sneakers from Nasty Gal (left) and these white boots from Nasty Gal (right). I’m also loving this like, vintage cow-girl vibe right now, so you know we had to pull over and grab a photo in the desert. You can’t forget the hats to complete the outfit, too.

I have so many white sneakers, so I’m loving these chunky black ones at the moment. Unfortunately, they may have gotten a bit dusty in the festival with sand blowing everywhere, but it’s totally worth it. Chunky sneakers are obviously huge right now, and they’re perfect to pair with every single festival outfit imaginable. I honestly hope the trend never dies because they’re cute with everything.

Hope you guys enjoyed these festival trends! Comment below with some of your faves from festival season this year.

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