My First Collaboration Featuring an Interview with the Fashion Designer

I came across Ellice Ruiz (@elliceruiz) on Instagram and absolutely LOVED what she stood for. Her hand made designs go against “fast fashion” culture and are meant to be timeless pieces that we can wear for the rest of our lives. I asked Ellice if she would be interested in a collaboration with me, and she said YES! I was ecstatic, as I have just recently began blogging and this is actually one of my first collaborations. Make sure to read until the end to hear all about my first collaboration, featuring an interview with the fashion designer, Ellice herself!

“I design clothes that can be styled for work and can transition into an after-hours look – whether that be a gallery opening or farmer’s market. I want my clients to be able to wear each piece multiple times and have fun styling it for day & night. My approach to sustainable design is to create clothes people can wear over & over and to inspire people to move away from disposable clothes. I saw this quote on
Pinterest – waste is a design flaw – and I’m so into that sentiment.

Ellice Ruiz

Before our collaboration, Ellice wanted to get to know me a little better, so here are her questions and my corresponding answers.

I thought it would be beneficial to share this interview with those of you who may be interested in collaborating with small businesses and want an inside scoop on what goes down, OR those who own a small business and are interested in working with bloggers for your own brand. 

I hope you enjoy! Xx

Ellice’s Interview Questions for me Before Our Collaboration:

On Creative Expression

1. I took at look at your website and I loved all your articles on marketing and content creation. I really connected to your thoughts on creative expression – we can use blogging, photography, style, and story telling to make positive impacts on our society. I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on creative expression – what it means to you and tips for creating authentic content with the purpose to inspire others.

To me, creative expression means straying from the “norm” of society. It
means having a unique and strong viewpoint about a subject or topic,
whatever it may be and it can be portrayed in various different art
forms. Some of my favorite forms of creative expression are through
capturing a certain moment that I see that makes me feel something. For
instance, one of my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken was of a young
couple in NYC just casually walking in front of me; however, my friend
and I were so amazed by how natural and confident they looked just from
the back.

Creating authentic content is truly just creating something that makes
you feel something. We are so overloaded with content and information
these days that if we aren’t inspiring others, we are going to fall flat
and unnoticed. I think so many people have an urge to express
themselves, but don’t know how or are too afraid to do so. By putting my
inner thoughts out there on social media, it makes me feel vulnerable,
but I hope that it inspires others to take risks with their content as

Continuous Learning

2. You say you’re obsessed with learning. Me too! What are your favorite places, resources, or sources for inspiration and learning? Personally, I’m obsessed with NPR and all the arts stories they do. While I’m running errands downtown, I’m introduced to new music, learn about art openings, and hear conversations with writers.

Currently, I’m obsessed with Jumpcut Academy. It’s basically online
courses and right now, I am in the process of developing an Instagram
Content Creation course! I’m constantly searching on Google and finding
myself on other peoples’ blogs, which is probably where I learn the
most. I also learn a lot from watching motivational and inspirational
videos on YouTube. Since I spend so much time in LA traffic now, it has
really helped me to have a clear, focused mind by listening to YouTube
videos and actually hearing the content. Podcasts are the best as well!

Why Did I Move to LA? And Style Differences Between the East and West Coasts

3. Welcome to LA! I laughed out loud when I read this: “(They call it
freeway here, not highway).” It’s seems like an oxymoron since the
freeways are barely ever free of traffic haha. Why did you move to LA?
I’d love to hear more observations – maybe relating to style – on the
differences between the coasts?

I’m glad you appreciate my sense of humor!! 🙂 It really is an oxymoron.
I moved to LA in May after I graduated from West Virginia University!
What I love about LA is you can literally wear anything you want. I grew
up in the suburbs of eastern Pennsylvania and everyone wore pretty much
the exact same things.

There wasn’t a lot of creativity or creative expression around me and I always felt that I was so different than everyone else I grew up with. Everyone always told me I’d move to a big city and I knew it for myself too. I think NYC and LA are very similar in this aspect that you can wear whatever you want; however, I think here, the crazier and more eccentric you look, the better, which kind of puts added stress on you to look as funky as possible.

My Go-To Uniform

4. Let’s talk style: What is your go-to look – your uniform?

My go-to-look is a pair of high waisted “mom” style jeans, white ’80s
looking boots, and a t-shirt or tank top tucked into the jeans with a
belt. I love vintage style and everything about ’70s and’80s fashion.
I’m also a huge fan of black. My entire closet is black– I really need
to get some colors in there! (Or do I?)

I love vintage style and everything about '70s and'80s fashion.
Literally me in an outfit

Favorite Piece of Clothing

5. Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? If yes, what is it and why?

Currently, my favorite piece of clothing are these patched jeans I have
(you can probably see them on my Instagram). Every time I wear them, I
get TONS of compliments and people asking me where they were from, but they are vintage and hand made by a friend. It’s so cool owning something that no one else has. I think it really speaks to your personality and makes you unique. There’s nothing worse than a lack of individuality in self-expression.

vintage patched denim jeans
The BEST jeans ever.

I love how everyone here is creative and not afraid to pursue their dreams. It’s really been so inspiring for me to break away from the traditional path
that I’ve followed thus far in my life and explore other outlets.

Best IG Accounts to Follow for Style, Inspo, and Laughs

6. What are your favorite Instagrams for style, inspiration, & laughs?

I love Amy Marietta for inspiration. She has over 3,000 photos and
they’re all such amazing quality and true to herself, which I admire.
Someone who has that much content is truly passionate about what she is
doing and she is my inspiration for where I want to be in five years,
(or hopefully less).

My boyfriend’s sister and one of my best friends, Taylor Dini (@m_o_d_a) is one of my style inspirations! I love how she is always putting her own twist on styling and isn’t just posting normal, typical outfits like a lot of other bloggers are.

I also am inspired by Rosa Crespo on Instagram because she makes me
laugh and shows us all the behind the scenes of her epic blogger life. I
love her Spanish accent and feel as though she is genuine and down to

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