Themes for Instagram, New Insta Trend: Theme-ing It

Remember the days when Instagram was literally just a platform to post a photo…instantly? Lol. Yeah. Those days are over. Now, it’s all about taking the time and establishing themes for Instagram.

Today, it’s not that simple to attract loyal followers just by being yourself. As more people flood into the platform, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. As a result, this has paved the way for Instagram trends, which people have hopped on to stay relevant and up-to-date on the platform.

You used to be able to just slide a Valencia Instagram filter on that selfie and toss it on the gram. Now, you’d be shunned if you used a heavy filter on your photo. (jk) (not really.)


Power to the Theme

A major new Instagram trend is embodying some sort of theme on your profile, whatever that may mean to you. Themes on Instagram are becoming the norm, as more people flood into the social networking app.

Unfortunately, it’s an overly saturated Instagram world, so how are you differentiating yourself?

In this day and age, even Instagram “experts” with hundreds of thousands of followers have established a theme in order to be recognized for a specific editing style or vibe.

Think about it like a media toolkit. What are your two primary colors? Which complimentary colors are you going to use? Do you have a preset or filter that you’d like to use on every photo?

because it matters.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

As it is a visual platform, Instagram themes are crucial to attracting new followers and keeping followers interested. (Because another Instagram trend is following hundreds of people just to unfollow them).

Edit your pictures yourself because if you send a picture to a new friend each time to edit the photo, it’s not going to fit with your theme! I’ve had a friend edit a photo before and although I loved the way they edited, I ended up not liking the way it looked on my page because it didn’t fit with my other photos.

There are TONS of photo editing apps that allow you to save your last edits, like Afterlight 2 and VSCO.

So, what do you do if you have no theme whatsoever? Don’t be discouraged. Everyone had to start from zero. And luckily, Instagram pictures are only in rows of three, so you can essentially establish a theme after just six photos.

Tips For Establishing Themes on Instagram

First, have a pool of photos that you deem Insta-worthy. Play around with editing apps and find a filter that you like best that works with a lot of the colors in your photos. You’ll find that you naturally may gravitate towards either lighter or darker colors. Personally, I gravitate towards warm colors.

Secondly, by downloading an app that allows you to arrange your photos, you’ll be able to plan your photos by which ones look best next to each other. One of my favorites right now is Planoly! You can just download it right on the app store and start arranging your photos by which look the best next to one another.

Altogether, the trend of incorporating a theme isn’t going anywhere soon.

…so, what’s yours?

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Photography is Poetry -Tori Nucci

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